R-Trac H.V.H.Z. (Pressure Equalized / High Pressure)

R-Trac H.V.H.Z (High Velocity Hurricane Zone), a pressure equalized rainscreen assembly, is the only system in America to meet new continuous insulation requirements,  (energy) combined with meeting all the new building code requirements, (fire and wind) for all coastal & interior regions .

  • Carries Florida Building Code Approval # FL16406
  • Meets TAS 201, 202 and 203 up to 200 MPH (ASTM E1886 & E1996) 
  • AAMA 508 & AAMA 509 tested and approved
  • Meets NFPA 285 requirements
  • No thermal bridging. Supplemental Z or sub girts not needed
  • Air & Water barrier assembly
  • Provides continuous insulation for optimal energy-efficiency 
  • Savings through fewer materials and less labor than traditional ACM/MCM wall systems
  • Engineered to maximize performance
  • R-Trac is a completely integrated & tested wall assembly.

To see 18 gauge studs crumpling under negative pressure during R-Trac system testing click here.

To see large missile impact testing of the R-Trac system click here. 

To download CSI 3-part architectural specifications in either Docx, DOC, RTF, WP or TXT formats click here.

To download Rmax ECOMAXci/R-trac installation instructions click here.

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Downloadable Files

Filename Type
FL16406 Combined_1.pdf
Altech R-Trac Florida Product Approval 16406. Design Pressure 120 PSF using Rmax
Test Documents
Stop Mother Nature_1.pdf
R-Trac Stop Mother Nature in Her Tracks Brochure
Product Literature
R-Trac Section 07412 Specification 2-28-14_1.pdf
R-Trac Specification in PDF format
APS-R-Trac System Details 03-30-16.pdf
Altech R-Trac System Details in PDF Format
APS-R-Trac System Details 03-30-16.dwg
Altech R-Trac System Details in DWG Format