EVO System

For nearly half-a-century, the aluminum composite panel (ACP / ACM) has remained unchanged. Until now! The composite panel has captured a significant percentage of exterior façade work and placed itself on structures around the globe making corporate statements and good business sense, as well.  Now, Altech Panel Systems, Inc. has innovatively positioned the composite panel once again, at the "cutting-edge" of architectural possibilities. As our company evolves, so do our products.  As fabricators of wall panel systems we identified what was missing in creating a seamless facade and believe we’ve taken that step forward.

The Evolution or EVO panel has no equal.  Patent Pending and fully tested, EVO embraces the future vision for building facades.  A seamless transition of material finishes, elegantly laying continuous across the building face with no visible fasteners or rivets… just pleasing to the senses.  We set out to resolve what was missing in a panel design and presto, EVO!  We have resolve.  EVO is pleasing to the eyes, the budget and the architectural statement of simplicity.  


Voluntary Test Method and Specification for Pressure Equalized
Rain Screen Wall Cladding Systems


AAMA 501.1-05 (Dynamic)
ASTM E 1233 (Modified)
ASTM E 283 (Static)
ASTM E 330 (Static)
ASTM E 331 (Static)


Evaluation of EVOSTONE Coating System testing in accordance with:

ASTM B117-11(Salt Spray)
ASTM D4541-09 (Adhesion Strength)
ASTM D2794 (Impact Resistance)
ASTM D6944-09 (Thermal Cycling)
ASTM D2247-11 (Humidity Resistance)
ASMT G155 (Accelerated Weathering)
ASMT D1654 (Corrosion Creepback)


Standard Fire Test Method For Evaluation of fire Propagation
Characteristics of Exterior Non-Load-Bearing Wall Assemblies
Containing Combustible Components