Altech Introduces its new product brochure

Altech Panel Systems New Product Brochure 2016Altech Panel Systems, Cartersville, GA a major producer of MCM systems for over a decade and member of the Metal Construction Association, is pleased to announce the release of its new corporate brochure. This new 24-page, full-color brochure presents a sampling of the corporation’s signature projects, the accomplishments of its 120 professionals, and their strong customer relationships.  It also places an emphasis on the company’s commitment to deliver the best MCM/ACM panels in the industry. This new piece emphasizes the corporate philosophy, “Committed to Excellence, Committed to our Customers”. To download the new product brochure, click here

Altech Panel Systems, LLC was formed in the Summer of 2004 and virtually immediately, the new Cartersville based company was producing the most technologically advanced, highest performing aluminum composite panel system manufactured in the USA. The company hasn’t looked back since! Starting as a small company in Cartersville, Altech has grown to become a major player in the ACM/MCM marketplace and has shipped material to virtually every state in the union, and even overseas!
In the Summer of 2011, SECO Architectural Systems, Inc. purchased Altech Panel Systems and made it one of its family of companies in the rapidly advancing world of wall enclosures.
Altech’s goal is to remain the industry leader in new products, new systems, new manufacturing techniques and the utilization of new technology. The company prides itself on a future-focused approach with a commitment to continually advance the company. As a result, Altech is now poised for even greater growth. Recent investments in personnel, engineering, state of the art manufacturing equipment and software have helped expand Altech’s market reach and product offering well beyond the original composite panel systems. The company now offers a variety of exclusive wall panel solutions. In addition to the original AccuTrac DS (Dry Seal) and AccuTrac ES (Exposed Seal) MCM/ACM systems, Altech has developed a low-profile composite panel system, interior systems, a continuous insulation (C.I.) system, NFPA 285 compliant systems, and exposed fastener rainscreen systems.

Back in 2004 the future looked bright for Altech.
More than ten years later, the future is brighter than ever!